RODZ Throw Crew is a family operated endeavor which originated from a father's passion to leave a legacy to each of his four sons -- a skill that once mastered would open doors educationally & lay the foundation to be able to nurture others who shared their same passion to throw.  Coach Rod began his coaching stint in the early 1980's in Corpus Christi, moving up the ranks when he was recognized in 1997 as South Texas Field Coach of the Year. His son, Brandon, medaled at State and went on to throw for Arkansas State; with the groundwork laid, Coach Rod had the privilege to coach his remaining 3 sons to the "Big Dance"  in Austin, moving to Houston in 2003 where Jacob threw for the University of Houston, Trey threw for Houston Baptist University, and Roman competed for Texas State University.  Thus, RODZ Throw Crew came to fruition.

For us, nothing is more rewarding than watching your sons and daughters blossom into great citizens and promising athletes.

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